The Legend of Zelda: Why I Am Thankful For the Games I Grew Up With

by Ann Neilson

I did not grow up with Zelda. I never played the game as a child, in fact. Pokèmon was my thing. Pikachu, my main squeeze, if you will. Gastly the shizz.

With games such as Final Fantasy XIII-2 nowadays (bet you can’t guess what I’m playing) it leaves me in awe sometimes at how far video game graphics have come along. I recall Gex: Enter the Gecko, Pokèmon, as aforementioned, Mario, Crash Badicoot, and Spyro. Zelda just never made its way into my N64 or Gameboy. That sounds mildly pretentious. I digress.

Do you know what game continues to leave me in a nostalgic mess? Kingdom Hearts. The music at the beginning always gets me deep-no, not “Simple and Clean.”

Here, have this sadistic, dark, haunting gem that makes you feel as if you’re floating down into an eternal and dismal abyss.:

And now the weather.