The Very Long Day: Friendship, Food, Shopping, and Studies

by Ann Neilson

(Plus a warm drink.)

As I sit and watch a game of Super Smash Brothers (I decided to sit this one out, although I did get nine kills with Kirby a few games ago), I ponder over the day and present to you, my friends, my lovely afternoon and evening. 

It all began with seeing a friend who lives many-a-mile away from us. We proceeded to exchange hugs, grab a bite to eat at this delicious restaurant, and then meander around The Loop, a popular St. Louis shopping strip (er, loop). We entered a consignment store, where the cheapest item of clothing was probably $15.00 (what a steal); entered a few overpriced video game, comic book, and board game stores; once again entered an expensive (and not too trendy) clothing store (God bless them, they were still in the works of getting everything set up); and then headed back to the friend’s college where we continued with the day’s adventures. 

After a long eight hours of fun, food, and catching up, my man and I swung by Target to get a scarf, one I was in most dire need of, and thus, upon returning home, continued my evening of video games, warm drinks, and studying. 

And that, my friends, was my day, which I am sure most-to-ALL of you needed to know about!