by Ann Neilson

Why is college depressing. 

You want me to live a stereotypical life that societal standards have taught us is right, only to go to college where my depression reaches its all-time peak, so I can go into a career where I most likely will not make a lot of money and then become even more depressed, along with the thought of having to pay off loans. 

It’s a wonder the school system is still thriving as it is. And do you know why I go to school? Because people are judgmental and won’t give you a job if you don’t have a degree. Because I want to support Kevin so that we may have a happy future. So thank you, college, for giving me this depression and anxiety and for making me feel constantly horrible about myself. We’ll all die one day anyway, so why suffer through this. 

Seriously, school is painful to a lot of people. They just try not to show it. And while I am working my rear off to do well, professors casually give horrible grades. I apologize that I am not to your standard. I try to be the best student I can. And while I hear, “Oh, as long as you’re trying your best, that’s what matters!” But that doesn’t matter. Because there is a requirement to have a certain GPA to graduate with your major. So if you don’t have that, you’re stuck until you get it high enough. What a way to promote learning and happiness in a student. You go, college. Four for you, college.