A Very, Very Good Day

by Ann Neilson

My lovely boyfriend and I will have been dating for one year, tomorrow.

Today was our day out, and he took me out to do the following,

-go to a graveyard
-go shopping, in which I found Memento Mori (Post-Mortem) photographs (two of them!)
-eat at Hardy’s, which holds sentimental value for us both
-try to go to a local museum, before finding it was closed 
-go to a local bookstore
-look around in a video game store, which holds a $200 copy of a book of Poe’s poetry
-look around the local arts center and see beautiful watercolor paintings 

…and thus was my day! It was quite nice. As we speak, a group of friends, Kevin, and I are playing the Cthulhu version of Flux, the card game. Wish me luck.