Life Has Knocked Me Down, But I Will Always Stand Back Up

by Ann Neilson

Now, onto a list of things I covet. Because, y’know, I haven’t done one of these in a while. If a repeat, sorry about that. It just proves I really want that item.

1)  Bat Skull Necklace
This bat skull necklace because it is freaking amazing, alright, okay.

2) A Bow
This because it is pretty.

3) Pearl Skull I Really Need
Seriously, if anyone were to buy this for me, I would be forever happy. Forever.

4) Van Gogh Leggings???
I am an Art History major, therefore for these I live.

5) A Book
I most desire to learn how to be a ghost.

6) Kaidan Restaurant, AKA, My Favorite Anime Ever
This is my number one favorite anime, okay.

7) A Kappa
Kappa are my pastime.

8) The Phantom of the Opera Wax Seals
I adore Phantom of the Opera, and so should you. I aspire to be O.G.

9) Poe Teapot
I love tea and Poe.


11) Another Bat

12) Howl Ate My Heart Necklace
I am a lover of Studio Ghibli, and Howl’s Moving Castle is in my top three Ghibli movies. (That says a lot, because I’ve seen pretty much all of them.)

13) Wow, Pretty
Because this is pretty. It reminds me of that necklace that what’s-her-face wears in that one Disney movie, Atlantis, or something.

14) A Heartbeat Ring
I think this is adorable! I am a sucker for rings.

15) Pink Scarf
I am a sucker for pink. But holy cow, is that expensive.

16) Another Book
If you do not know who Edgar Oliver is, then you are really missing out. (And yes, I admittedly discovered him from Oddities, the show. I am not ashamed, he really is quite an adorable man.)