How I Met Your Mother and Pampering

by Ann Neilson

What a title, my goodness!

To mend this broken heart of mine, I have been trying to keep busy and distracted. This has been difficult, I’m not going to lie. I won’t go into details, the…seemingly endless nights full of tears and heartbreak…no, no I will not delve into that. Instead, we are moving on to discuss a show, a book, and some other tidbits that have been on my mind tonight.

How I Met Your Mother has been a savior for me these past couple weeks. I am on season four, episode 10 (watching it as we “speak”) and it brings me joy. I am thinking Friends next, and then Sex in the City, although I have seen multiple episodes from that show already. There have been episodes of Say Yes to the Dress in between, I admit. Those TLC shows are my guilty pleasure…and oh how I adore them….But back to How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris will never cease to make me happy. God bless that man. 

On to my book. I have just started a book I’d purchased back in the summer called Wear More Cashmere: 151 Luxurious Ways to Pamper Your Inner Princess by Jennifer Sander. Although her writing is a bit redundant, and some tips tie in too closely with one another, making the tips redundant as well, I really enjoy the book! The text within the book is pink and delicately formatted, adding to the girlish theme. It’s a happy read for those feeling down and contains some pretty nice tips that one usually needs to be reminded of, not to mention a couple food recipes-who doesn’t love free food recipes. Anyway, if you happen to stumble upon this book, I recommend picking it up or purchasing it. It will be on my shelf for many years to come, I can confidently say. 

Speaking of reading, a goal of mine is to finally, FINALLY read The Great Gatsby. I have been so overwhelmed with course work that I haven’t had the time of day to read, well, anything really, besides required material and my Bible. (I have started to make a habit of reading my Bible every morning right when I get up, and every evening right before bed. I feel calm and happy afterwards, it’s a good habit for me.) That being said, I have the entire next week off for Thanksgiving Break, and then a LOT of things happening the week after break. Will this never end?

I hate college.