Today Has Been Blissful

by Ann Neilson

I delight in everything that has happened today. I am currently watching Pride and Prejudice once again (I’d watched it only a couple hours ago and restarted the film because it is my favorite), began reading and am deep into The Great Gatsby; finished Wear More Cashmere (which, if reminded I may do a book review over this book); have completed the book of Psalms and am pressing on into Proverbs tonight; have had lovely conversations with those I have been texting; and have been eating a lot more than as of a few days ago. I am taking delight in the small things in life, and I find my Faith, good books, Pride and Prejudice, and friends to be those delights. 

I have also been indulging in the two cups of Jasmine and Green tea I have had. I have transitioned from coffee to tea as of late. I am not keeping up with my blog’s description logo. I may have to change it. Oh my. What is life.