Books, Books, and More Books!

by Ann Neilson

What an age to be alive! There is such variety in literature that it is almost dizzying the amount of reading I wish to do, the books I yearn to read! Because I am incredibly impatient, I am reading multiple books at once. For my own records to keep track of what I am currently reading, so as to not neglect a novel and never finish it, I will list the books that I am currently reading which are,

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
My Jane Austen Summer by Cindy Jones
White Nights by Dostoyevsky 
Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

and I wish to start Persuasion by Austen soon too, however upon looking at this list, I doubt that will happen in the very near future, not to mention that I need to catch up on Poe’s works so I am ready for my internship this summer….If I could never sleep and read all through the night, I would do so every night. Which is saying a lot, because I adore sleep and dreams. I guess we can’t be too choosy, can we.