I Am A Tad Bit Infuriated

by Ann Neilson

I’d submitted the “Traurigkeit” poem that I’d posted when my blog first started, onto a poetry site to have it “accepted” or “denied.” Well, they denied it because the guidelines said the poem couldn’t be posted ANYWHERE else. Because I’d posted it on this blog, I deleted that post so that I may have it submitted, however they denied it regardless of that! It probably showed up in the “history of deleted stuff hidden in cyberspace,” or whatever. 

Bad thing is, I use a pseudonym for this blog, so the name obviously didn’t match what I was submitting. They probably think I stole my own poem. Hah. 

Well, okay, I’ll just post it back on here then because OBVIOUSLY it doesn’t fit any guidelines and nobody wants it. 

/end rant.