An Unnamed Poem, Written By Myself

by Ann Neilson

A mystical summer of dancing faeries and glowing will-o-wisps encompasses the burning heart, 

fueled by the pallor of the iridescent moon above. 

Ocean waves echo hands gently strumming 

the harp in one’s soul, 

a raw, gentle movement stirring within. 

Shall you too join in the choreographed ballet, 

the waltz, 

the native dance of heart and harp, 

of moon and ocean, 

of faeries and will-o-wisps? 

Tranquility draws into dewdrops forming a haunting,

melancholy mist over all who watch or weep, who dance or sleep tonight.

Time stops and stirs, 

et la danse de la nuit est éternelle.

(Author’s note: please let me know what you think! It’s still in the works, I think.)