William Henry Leonard Poe-Edgar’s Most Handsome Brother

by Ann Neilson

“Henry,” as he was so fondly called, was the older brother of Edgar Allan Poe. Born in 1807, Henry was only a young child when he, his young brother and young sister Rosalie, were separated and sent to separate homes. Henry was sent to be with their grandparents, David Sr. and Elizabeth.

Henry was an accomplished sailor (he is fondly known as the “pirate” in today’s age) as well as an accomplished poet. He unfortunately would not be able to live out a successful career, as he passed away at the age of twenty-four to tuberculosis. Younger brother Edgar would continue to use his brother for inspiration, and it is said Henry inspired such works as “Lenore” and The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. 

Now, I have some exciting news. To my knowledge (perhaps I am incorrect) all of Henry’s poems are not currently on the internet. I found a few of his on the greatest Poe website I know, EAPoe.org, however not all were posted. As of last night, I had purchased and have on the way a book issued back in the early twentieth century; a collection of Henry’s poetry. Only 1000 of these books were published, and #773 is being delivered to my door. If anyone wishes for me to, I will be more than willing to perhaps post a poem or two of the poems not online. (I believe this is legal, because technically the poems were Henry’s, and he is well deceased, not to mention they were written past the 100 year minimum legal mark.)

Please let me know if this is illegal, in which case I certainly won’t post them. However if it is indeed legal, as I assume it to be, please do let me know and comment if there are any requests.