To My Young Friend: On the Acceptance of Others

by Ann Neilson

I am blessed to call you my very good (best, if I may be bold?) friend.

The Miskatonic Drinker

You spoke silently today that you felt as if it would take a very special person to accept the many parts of you altogether. This may be true, but listen closely, my dear.

Regardless of that human, whoever it may be, love of yourself should be foremost in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. Doing so, being who you really are, will draw to you individuals who value you for who you are. But if you do not love yourself first, and show that true being, then the person you present to others will be one that is false, and may attract those you don’t want about. Long years of making such observations for myself have led me to a path that is limited in quantity, but has the highest in quality, of friends. Of potential lovers. A distancing of enemies, of the corrupted souls that I will not tolerate.

The lessons…

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