Pet Shop Boys Inspire Fear in Song

by Ann Neilson

“All the love that we had,
And the love that we hide,
Who will bury us
When we die?” –Pet Shop Boys, “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)”

I have been obsessed with Pet Shop Boys’ song “Opportunities,” and feel so deeply moved, as well as unsettled, by the tacked on and estranged bit shown above. Look up the lyrics, and you won’t find the words mentioned anywhere. I had happened to come across the words when watching one of the two versions of the Boys’ music video of the song. The music video, already bizarre enough, ends with the inappropriate phrase and the main singer disappearing in his suit, finally phasing into nothingness. Eerie, right? No kidding. I still get shivers when I see that bit and have to close out of my browser before it’s past the point of no return and I end up watching it.

The music video, to my knowledge, has received quite a bout of criticism and was taken off of YouTube–something of that nature–leaving the alternate, nicer, albeit trippy music video for viewers.

I am thankful I was able to view the more..explicit(?) version, however. Not only has that given me nightmares, which rarely happens for me, but…well, it has given me nightmares, which rarely happens for me. I have not been so unsettled by something in a long while and am grateful for the video, as it has proven to me I am actually still human and am capable of being frightened. When you read Poe and watch and read other scary things day-in and day-out,  you become so used to it all and begin to question whether things truly aren’t frightening, or if your mind and heart have been so tricked that you grow accustomed, and essentially numb, to such things. I digress.

I recommend checking out the music video. I will provide a link below. I also recommend taking a look at the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark story, “The Suit,” (I believe? Please do not quote me on that, I am too afraid of the artwork in those books to actually find the correct story) which features a photo I am reminded of each time I watch the video. Enjoy both, and may your nightmares be filled with suits. After all, as Barney Stinson sang in How I Met Your Mother, “Nothing suits me like a suit!” Thanks, Barney. May your chipper attitude heal our souls after experiencing these nightmarish things.

Music Video