Ten Things Currently Making Me Happy

by Ann Neilson

1) nevilletetts (one of my favorite bloggers and my dear man).
2) Thomas Lovell Beddoes.
3) Coffee.
4) My internship.
5) Edgar Allan Poe.
6) Korean Dramas (currently watching Boys Over Flowers).
7) Victorian music boxes.
8) The color pink (always).
9) Hershey’s hugs. (I love white chocolate, goodness.)
10) This lovely hurricane weather. (In all seriousness, I love when it rains.)
11) (Bonus) My cat Froofer (who Steve insists I call “Froofus”).

photo (1)

What are the top ten things currently bringing you joy in life? Please link back to me so I can read what you post, as I certainly would love to!