Why I Love Rain | Don’t Wake Me Up Early

by Ann Neilson

There are many reasons to love rain. It’s cooling and refreshing, it soothes the soul, and it ultimately provides tranquility that deeply calms and rejuvenates (yes, I just iterated what I said with other words). Really, it’s a fantastic part of nature that God has provided for us countless times again. I love it.

It is also wonderful when it rains down on outside workers around my apartment complex working at (FREAKING) 9:45 in the morning. Seriously, go find something else to do and come back once I’ve woken up and had my coffee. I do not mean to be a grump, but none of you (save one maybe) have encountered me on little sleep [I went to bed at 3am (okay, it was 4am, but we’ll say 3:00 to convince myself I received one more hour of sleep)]. 

That being said, I was able to fall asleep thanks to the rain coming to save the day and usher them away so as to give me three more hours of sleep. And now, with a cup of coffee in hand (should be wine after the morning I’ve had), here I am to complain and explain to you all why I am not a morning person. 

Goodness gracious, this is all over the place. 

Have a good day.