by Ann Neilson

Hello dearest readers. I humbly come before you all, ashamed for not updating with posts or mundane posts in general. This semester at my university was immensely difficult and my stress level skyrocketed to heights unknown to me. All of that being said, here’s to hoping I update and post more often.

While I am here, I wanted to post some links to charities. Because it is the season of giving, if you will, I implore everyone reach out to those in need. For me, this is directed towards the environment. That being said, here are some links to my favorite charities/organizations, which are one hundred percent legitimate:
This charity is one of the best organizations I have come across in my eleven years of being involved with environmental charities. You can adopt an animal symbolically, which will direct those proceeds to caring for the animal/environment. I believe it is completely beneficial (and if you donate so much, you can receive a free plush doll).
Trustworthy, I have been with them for about six years now. Highly recommend.
If you are more so focused on nature benefits, this is the organization for you!
I am positive most have seen the popular Sarah McLachlan commercial advertising this organization. Honestly, I feel they do a lot of good work.
This website is a charity network that sells bracelets, which in turn benefit various charity organizations. There is a wide variety of choices, and at just $5.00 per bracelet (the minimum price for one of their bracelets, mind you) it cannot be beat!

Make a difference this holiday if you can. Help someone in need in your community, or please consider one of these organizations and help rebuild our world.